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Information and tips for coming to the Faroe Islands

Great, if you are here it is because you have already decided or are almost determined to come with ScotlandTrips International Tour Operator to this, one of the last practically unaltered corners that is the beautiful archipelago of the Faroe Islands! Wonderful and authentic choice.

There are some tips that you should keep in mind to enjoy and make the most of this wonderful experience and trip that you are about to live with us.

It is very important that you inform yourself and know at least the basic characteristics of the country you are visiting, in this case the Faroe Islands, which has its own connotations, some better and others not so much, but which make it one of the most authentic countries at the same time. they configure its beauty, landscapes and customs.

The famous Faroe Islands, Faroe Islands in English and translated into Spanish the Oveja Islands, is a beautiful and natural archipelago formed by about 18 islands that is located in the North Atlantic halfway between Scotland, Norway and Iceland. Its situation is reason enough in itself to make them attractive and more and more it is an authentic and natural destination on the rise that is really worth enjoying and feeling its nature in its purest form.

The Faroe Islands belong to the Crown of Denmark, therefore they are within the European Union, but they have their own rich culture as well as an indigenous language; the Faroese! We will show you here some of the wonderful and imposing highest cliffs in all of Europe. Impressive refuge for the famous puffins or puffins that we will also find in Scotland, they are a comfortable home for many seabirds and fauna.

In this totally bucolic and unspoiled destination in most of its territory, we will see numerous Sheep and its name comes from there. Sheep have been since Viking times here, their main gastronomic and income resource, with fishing and hydroelectric power being their main sources of income today.

One of the typical features on these islands is the grass roofs of the typical Faroese huts, some of them colorfully painted as well. This served to protect the heat of the houses and to give food in winter to some sheep in winter. Depending on the seasons of the year, it is curious to see how the roofs change color. Some of the islands are communicated by incredible tunnels under the sea, its Vágar airport being the best way to access them from other countries and how you will arrive with us!

It is very important in these islands given their characteristics to come with experienced professionals such as our guides, who live on the islands, are native or work on them continuously. We are not talking about great roads or hundreds of luxury hotels. Depending on our route and to live and interact more with local people always willing to talk to someone, we will spend some of the nights in hotels, others in B & Bs and others in community or town houses, since some of the authentic jewels that you we are going to teach it is inhabited by no more than 8 people. The 18 Faroe Islands are inhabited in total by about 50.000 people.

Incredible and natural destination where they exist, a beauty so remote and inhospitable that it makes it more and more desired. We take you by the hand to the beautiful and natural archipelago of the Faroe Islands!


As we mentioned, the terrain is humid and the days too. Some of the roads are quite rustic and mountain, but coming with us you have the certainty of not having to worry about anything. We will see incredible mountains and cliffs, places out of a story but that are real.


Humid, similar to Scottish and also reached by the currents of the Gulf of Mexico. Mild winters and cool summers, around 10 degrees on average. Let's not forget that without these climates we would not enjoy the green and incredible landscape that we are going to see.


Given the orography of the Faroe Islands, although we will enjoy a boat trip through the North Atlantic, we will have to do some trekking. To see impressive cliffs and mountains it is necessary to make some excursions of several hours given the absence of roads to these places, so you must be in an acceptable way or you have the beautiful and bucolic option also to enjoy boat trips, the locals eager to interact with tourists and other activities.


Layers, you have to dress in layers. In a small suitcase since we are going to move a lot, it is necessary to bring at least two sets of clothes of the following characteristics:

  • T-shirt or undergarment for the cold.
  • Jersey or fleece.
  • Waterproof or waterproof coat or jacket and suitable for cold temperatures.
  • Trousers with Teflon compound or prepared for light and cold rain.
  • Waterproof and comfortable mountain or trekking boots. To walk in the grass.

As you can see, this is the secret to be comfortable in the Faroe Islands, especially prepared for light rains. Throughout the day you will take off and put on some of these garments.


It is best to bring an airplane cabin suitcase per person.

It is also recommended to bring a backpack on your back that can be incorporated in most airplanes. This bag or backpack will serve us to carry some article of clothing, some food or whatever we may need during the day to travel and go on excursions in comfort.


Danish crown. Do not worry about expenses or dinners, everything is included in our closed price. Read the program well. But I do take into account for your own expenses or lunch when necessary.


We do not recommend, depending on the program in the Faroe Islands, to come with children under 15 years of age, it is possible but not recommended, the most suitable age being 18 to 65 years. Any doubt or question in this regard, contact us.


It is important and essential today for people who travel to any part of the world to have and come with their travel and medical insurance, these insurances are very cheap. There is also another type of insurance that you may want to take out depending on your personal situation. Any insurance office in your locality will be able to inform you comfortably about them. If you need any specific information, do not hesitate to contact us.


If humor It is very important to come prepared to have a good time, it is going to be your vacation and you should be happy. Any type of weather that you may encounter, any setback outside of us or any other situation viewed with humor and desire to enjoy can become a funny anecdote that you laugh at and remind you of pleasant moments when you tell it later and share it with your loved ones.

So if you have read all these indications, don't wait any longer, you are more than ready to come and enjoy Scotland with us, with ScotlandTrips.InternationalIt will be a wonderful experience that you will never want to forget and that you will keep inside yourself forever! We are waiting!