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You can pay by transfer or bank card.

  1. Very important: Select the Tour desired from the drop-down list. In the two accommodation options, transfers are included.
  2. Fill the sections with the most exact information possible, travel regime: option 1 or 2 and desired payment terms (depending on advance from 1 to 3).
  3. Upon receipt within 24 hours, we send an email with the exact amount and pre-receipt and if you choose to make the payment by bank transfer, the corresponding data so that you can make the income and terms chosen. (Check all your mail folders)
  4. Once the corresponding payment has been received, we will send you the receipt with updated payments, services and terms of your reservations.

 The reservation of your places will be confirmed at the time of receipt of your subscription.

VERY IMPORTANT: Choose from the drop-down tab "Tour Program" the one you want to reserve and fill in all the requested fields. 

The more information you provide us, the more accurate our response can be to your needs. 

In less than 24 hours you will receive in the email you provide us, a Pre-Receipt with all the services, dates and data provided as well as the number of bank account if you choose this option, where to make the transfers from your own bank. Consult other payment options. Once your payment has been received in our bank, we will send you the same receipt by email with the amounts paid and deadlines for your records. If you do not receive our email within 48 hours please check all your mail folders including the spam folder. Contact us for other payment methods.

To reserve your places, dates and Tour, it is necessary to proceed to the payment of said reservation. There are different payment methods which are listed in the section "Prices and Reservation" of each program and we also provide them at the bottom of this page *


  • Additional discount of 2% in reservations made more than 90 days in advance and with a single payment.
  • Children under 5 years: FreeUnder the responsibility of the parents and option only available in Private Tours. Children will travel for free if there are places available or the Tour meets the conditions for them. Meals not included. (One minor per family). Consult. 
  • Reservations are recommended 12 to 3 months in advance of the departure date, a minimum of 3 months is advisable for summer.
  • Consult for last minute departures. Whenever we have availability, the following will be carried out:

RESERVATION and PAYMENT OPTIONS: monthly payments without interest:

Reservations: reservation amount indicated in this same section of each Tour program.

  1. Reserve + rest 30 days before the start.
  2. Reservation + monthly payments the 1st of every month. Last payment 30 days before the start. No interest.
  3. In 3 payments: Book Now + 50% the rest 30 days before the start of our services and 50% on the first day of the month between these two payments.
  4. In 2 payments: payment of the Book Now and the rest 30 days before from the beginning of our services.
  5. One payment in full to reserve. Additional discount of 2% in the total price if this payment is made in full at least 90 days before from the beginning of our services. Only option for reservations less than 30 days from the start.
  • Payments by bank transfers. Consult other methods.
  • Prices at current value at the time of payments.