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April to October

Enjoy with us and this excellent program, this wonderful and friendly region in its entirety that brims with culture, tradition, beautiful natural landscapes in the middle of the Iberian System and is the cradle of Rioja wine and languages. Diversity of activities and landscapes!

LA RIOJA: Land of traditions and incredible landscapes, with a marked culinary and cultural character, land of Kings and Saints,  land of monasteries and ruins of once imposing castles, land of the Camino de Santiago or “St. James way ”, land of Dinosaurs and above all, land of wine par excellence, offers us everything we need to enrich our culture, palate, sensations and sight. Incredible and wonderful days that we are going to enjoy in this friendly land of the North of Spain through this varied and very complete cultural Tour - Vacation program. We are going to taste La Rioja and its seven valleys and mountains “from top to bottom”.

Located in the Northern Spain between the communities of the Basque Country, Navarra, Aragon and Castilla León constitutes an important point of visit and route in full Ebro River corridor, the largest in Spain. Important industrial region in the recent past and more in terms of Tourism in recent years, the number of people who visit it and enjoy its incredible diversity is increasing more and more. Also known as the region of the 7 valleys It is crossed vertically by 7 main rivers that give formation to different valleys divided by mountains and that differentiate very well their appearance and economic activities, as well as the formation in much of the Iberian mountain system. In some of these valleys there are ideal conditions for the cultivation of the great and world famous wine from RIOJA. With this designation of origin a very important flow of tourists is created who want to come to know the how and why of these great wines to the land from which they arise. The wine tourism gives great character to the region, from this incredible wineries, spas, restaurants and hotel and convention complexes emerge. One of the conditions that create this wonderful and internationally recognized wine is the climate; Climate currents come to La Rioja from the central plateau and especially from the Cantabrian Sea crossing the the Basque Country. Neighbors literally crossing the bridge from the Ebro river as well as with Navarre, characterize the geographical and coexistence situations of a large region and area with its own character, friendly and gastronomically known at least at a European level. They say they were French in the XNUMXth century and site of the capital Logrono, who taught the techniques used in Bordeaux to grow wine, but this land gave even better conditions for it and during centuries have developed the techniques of work and studies that give rise to this wonderful wine being today more than 500 wineries those that actively produce wine. We invite you to carry out numerous and different activities while resting and enjoying your vacation with us, you will be impressed by the diversity of this Tour / Vacation.

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