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Top Outlander & Isle of Skye Tour!

Outlander's Top Tour! Virtually all and the most charismatic locations from the famous Outlander series in Scotland, plus the essential jewels of Scotland & the beautiful Isle of Skye!

Optional dinners.

892 Miles / 1.435 Km
April to October!

OUTLANDER: or outsider: is one of the great screen masterpieces in deliveries by series that reflects very truthfully the turbulent history of Scotland - Alba and the Jacobite wars in the XNUMXth century. Living this television series is living the real, dramatic and at the same time exciting Scotland of those times. Moving to the full and turbulent Jacobite epoch in which Scotland and above all the Highlanders They fought with their lives to maintain their country and customs from the attempted English and British domination and conquest. We will live in the skin of Jamie & Claire their anguishes, loves, passions and emotions. As well, This is what we are going to feel, live and enjoy through this exciting Tour in which we will visit the actual filming locations and historical locations most important of this shocking and famous series.

In this OUTLANDER TOP TOUR We combine, through a studied and careful design, practically all the filming locations in the beautiful Alba-Scotland with the filmed and wonderful Isle of Skye and its secrets !. We will visit the Scotland's most famous treasures like the lake Ness, unforgivable to overlook in your visit and knowledge of Alba, the Celtic land of the Picts! We will take you by the hand, we are going to move you back in time in a very real way, because the real landscapes that we will know remain unchanged through the centuries.

For the whole family, couple, group or make new friends!

Our prices are always all-inclusive, with no extra outlay.

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