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Christmas Tour in Scotland & Edinburgh; HOGMANAY!

Live with us the magical and famous Christmas in Edinburgh and its HOGMANAY! You will also visit the most famous places in Scotland including Loch Ness!

NEW YEAR'S EVE GALA DINNER and optional dinners.

460 Miles / 740 Km
December 27 to 31

YES, yes and yes! You can finally live a dream, you can finally feel incredible, fraternal, romantic, friendly, sentimental and unforgettable Christmas movies, a Northern ChristmasWith its lights, colors, typical decorations of the Northern countries, chants in English, live music and in the street, pubs, food, drink, Scottish dances, celebrations, own shows and much more! All this in the warmth of a typical and romantic fireplace in a Scottish pub! or at the famous Edinburgh German market with a hot wine and typical food to combat the cold Christmas weather of Northern Scotland and its impressive capital Edinburgh.

With family, friends, partner, alone or accompanied, you will live the romantic Christmas movie dream, all this is lived and enjoyed in Scotland and especially Edinburgh. Combining all our enthusiasm, love and devotion for the land of the Picts: Alba !, the special Christmas feeling that it offers to all who come and our experienced selection of activities, visits and shows plus our friendly company, we will make you feel the warmth and friendship of the magnificent and welcoming Scotland and its capital Edinburgh. A great and magnificent program gathering the best of these dates in a legendary country like Alba, It will make you be amazed and in love with its people, lights, colors, fraternal atmosphere and whether you come alone or accompanied you will feel and we will make you feel as a family. There will be essential visits such as a walk through the famous Loch Ness, the Harry Potter Viaduct and many others, but what will leave you "hooked" forever with the country of the Picts is the atmosphere of its capital Edinburgh that we will live for 3 wonderful days and his incredible party: HOGMANAY; of Celtic and Viking origins where people from all over the world meet on these dates! Come with us we wait for you!

For the whole family, group or make new friends

Our prices are always all-inclusive, with no extra outlay.