Scotland Trips International

Active Scotland Tour

Incredible Landscapes and the greenest Scotland through sports activities!

Optional dinners.

550 Miles / 885 Km
April to October

Welcome to Alba !. Yes, Alba was the name in Gaelic language, original Celtic language for this wonderful country called after Scotland or Scotland; Scots land. A land full of lakes, green mountains and elevated valleys, Castles of legend and mystery named in 2107 the most beautiful country in the whole world. The variety of landscapes, lights and contrasts that it offers within its green tones and bluish lights is unique and incomparable with any other place in the world.

In this awesome and active eight day tour we are going to discover their best kept and hidden secrets and treasures to the more conventional routes, in addition to visiting of course the inescapable points of central Scotland, including the mysterious Loch Ness, its Castle and its shy inhabitant. All this through a Active Tour / Vacation where we are going to navigate through beautiful movie lakes and Inner islands, cycling, walking along beautiful trails, waterfalls and deep gorges, as well as visiting an incredible Safari in Scotland, without overlooking of course some of its most important and historic Castles and Palaces. Do you feel like it? What is exciting? Well let's go there!

For the whole family, group or to make new friends. Active people.

Our prices are always all-inclusive, with no extra outlay.

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