Scotland Trips International

The Great Scottish Tour & the Mystic Isles

The most complete program offered in the beautiful Alba-Scotland!

Our magnificent and exclusive TOP Tour - Vacations.
Enjoy All of Scotland and the mystical Northern Isles: Orkney, Lewis & Harris and Skye!


Optional dinners.

1.758 Miles / 2.830 Km
May to August

THIS IS THE TOP OF OUR TOURS - HOLIDAYS - CIRCUITS !; and it is in the country voted by tourists and travelers in 2017 as the most beautiful in the world in the prestigious “Rough Guide”, it is a country of Ancient Celtic Legends, a Breathtaking History, Men dressed in Kilt, Ancient Castles, Wild Beaches, Lush Forests, Green Mountains and Valleys, Hairy Cows, Towering Bagpipes, 790 Islands and Islets, Jagged Coasts, Fjords, Cliffs, Prehistoric Dolmens, Celtic Coven Grottoes, Ghosts, Cradle of Golf and Whiskey, Folk Music and Celtic Dances, Cities Bustling, Breathtaking Movie Landscapes and a Friendly Character; It is the Country of the Picts; welcome with us to; ALBA or SCOTLAND!

We are delighted that you show interest in studying this excellent program in which you We will accompany, guide, care for and enjoy with you showing you the country that has been voted the most beautiful in the world in 2017 relegating the beautiful also Canada to second place! We sincerely believe that you are going to be very positively surprised to choose this program and it is that it is designed with exquisite taste for you, you will not be able to find another program like this in all of Scotland, neither so ambitious, nor with so much content, nor so well made to be able to offer you such an ideal and idyllic mixture of tastes, flavors, sensations, colors, brushstrokes, landscapes and experiences that after fifteen days, will make you want to stay and live here forever; on ALBA - SCOTLAND !; The land of the Picts and modernly proud of its great history and courage! - We will not miss anything!

From the first day we assure you that you will not be able to fail to be positively surprised by everything that we are going to visit, see and experience! The content of these fifteen-day vacations is truly incredible, we are going to see landscapes cataloged among the most beautiful in the whole of the  world, that is why it is said that Scotland is Loved By The Camera! We will visit many of the areas where an immense list of FILMS IN SCOTLAND; We begin by telling you that film directors like the great Steven Spielberg have chosen this country over others as beautiful as: Norway, Sweden, The Feore Islands, or Canada to shoot some of their films as their latest work: “My great Friend the Giant; BFG " and to mention some other great movies; "Fire cars", several of "James Bond 007" some of them proud to be Scottish Sean Connery, "Prometeus", "Snow White and the Huntsman", "King Arthur and the Legend of the Sword", "Transformers; The Last Knight "," The Immortals or Hihglander "," Macbeth "," Hamlet " with Mel Gibson and Glenn Close, the saga of "Harry Potter", episodes of "Game of Thrones", the award-winning Series "Outlander", "Rob Roy" with Liam Neeson, "Braveheart" with Mel Gibson, "The Wicker Man" with Christopher Lee, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", "The Da Vinci Code" ó "Cloud Atlas" with Tom Hanks and a long list that we could go on with! These films will give you a slight idea of ​​all the beauty that we are going to show you with the greatest of enthusiasm and devotion, in this land of legends, history and cinema; Alba - Scotland!

For the whole family, group or making new friends, active people!

Our prices are always all-inclusive, with no extra outlay.