Scotland Trips International

Tour All the flavors of Scotland with Relax!

Enjoy all aspects of Scotland in a more relaxed way in 6 days!


Airport transfer and optional dinners.

810 Miles / 1303 Km
March to October

Welcome to the country of the Celtic Covenants, welcome to the beautiful Alba - Scotland!

We present this wonderful Tour - Vacation program in which you can enjoy this wonderful, historic and legendary land in a slightly more relaxed way, enjoying the six nights that comprise it, two in the "Athens of the North", the beautiful capital. World Heritage Edinburgh and two others in the most picturesque town in Scotland, an ancient area inhabited by the Pacts and their Druids and Fairies: pitlochry! In order to discover and enjoy the most famous jewels and sights in all of Scotland, we will enjoy another night of Fort William hospitality and another we will spend in the wonderful and idyllic Isle of Skye mecca of film directors like Steven Spielberg.

We will cross the idyllic and touristy Caledonian Canal, we will navigate through the famous Loch Ness and we will visit the central area of ​​the Highlands or Scottish Highlands that really give rise to this beautiful country and its culture. Its landscapes will tell us about the feared and proud Pact and Scottish peoples, unconquerable by both Romans, Vikings and English after centuries and centuries of bloody battles in which they defended their culture with courage and courage from all the aggressors who wanted to take away these precious known lands. worldwide as an idyllic destination and named in 2017 as the most beautiful country in the world by travelers from prestigious tourist publications, come with us and let us show you all the beauty and feeling it offers you; Alba-Scotland!

For the whole family, group or make new friends

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