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Scotland Travel: Information and Tips!

Great, if you are here it is because you have looked for trips around Scotland and you have already decided or almost decided to come to the bucolic, romantic, historical and wonderful Scotland with our company.

There are some tips that you should keep in mind to enjoy and make the most of this wonderful experience and trip that you are about to live with us.

It is very important that you inform yourself and know at least the basic characteristics of the country you visit, in this case Scotland, which has its own connotations, some better and others not so much but that make it one of the most authentic and visited countries in the world and that they configure its beauty, landscapes and customs. For all this it has been chosen by the readers and travelers of the publication "Rough Guides" the most beautiful country in the world in 2017! Welcome to magnificent Alba, welcome to Scotland!

We tell you some points to keep in mind to come to Scotland where we will pick you up from the first moment.


Here and in this section we have to do emphasis given the cultural differences between different countries in this regard and for your acclimatization and enjoyment. This is a very important point to keep in mind when visiting Scotland: it is a very strict country with working hours. Keep in mind that this is the best way to coordinate an entire country on tourism and logistics matters and at ScotlandTrips.International, as a company based and registered in Scotland, we know this very well and we work in the same way. If in a hotel they tell us that breakfast is at 8 in the morning, it is not at 08.30:1700 for example. If it is announced that a train leaves at 1703 hours at XNUMX you will have run out of train. And this is a very British schedule but it is the best way to coordinate everything perfectly.

Except for big cities such as Edinburgh or Glasgow, where shops close at around 1800 hours but bars and restaurants later, in general it must be borne in mind that in the rest of the country shops close at 1700 hours.


Do not worry about the not good reputation of British food, that is not true in Scotland, in this country you can eat very well and the cuisine due to the increasing tourist demand year after year, improves more and more.

The variety of breakfast what we offer you in ScotlandTrips They are very complete and varied, you always have the option of having breakfast typical Scottish which is like a real meal and like everything else, it is included for you in our closed prices: eggs, sausages, black pudding, mushrooms, coffee, juices, fruit, yogurt, toast…. Come on, you are not going to run out of hunger to face the daily tour.

Lunch or Brunch: Given the wonderful, varied and extensive content of our Tours programs day after day, usually and as is customary in this country, we have a lunch or light brunch at noon at some point in our stops or even a sandwich on the go, this is at your choice, but you will not really want to eat a hearty meal after the magnificent breakfast that we offer you and there is no better way to enjoy a country and feel like one more than get used to its traditions and customs.

Dinners: this is the most important meal of the day in all English speaking countries or at least it is in Scotland. On ScotlandTrips Considering this and the strict hours of the restaurants here in Scotland, we do not want as it happens in other operators that you have problems when it comes to arriving at a destination and finding a comfortable and suitable place to dine. The kitchens of restaurants and pubs in this country close between 20.30:2100 and XNUMX hours at the latest, so and taking this into account we are the only Tour Operator that it offers you here in the closed price and all inclusive dinners up to a value of 30 pounds which is estimated to be the price of a good dinner in Scotland, included in the price. If you decide to eliminate this section of your budget you can do it, but it is a security and confidence that we want to give you when we arrive at our destination and you can find everything closed, you just have to sit at the table enjoy your succulent dinner and relax after the intense day of tour.


Important matter! Surely you have heard of the Scottish climate and are a little worried about it. Do not be scared, it is not for much or much less, as everything has a lot of fame behind it. It must be borne in mind that if this would not be a country of water, it would not have the landscapes perhaps and according to many tourism publications, the most beautiful in the world!

Scotland It is formed by some 790 islands and islets of all sizes, great inlets from the sea or fjords, beautiful, wild and jagged coasts. Mountains or Munros in Scotch full of "wounds" by the large and sudden torrents of water and a landscape full of flowers in many areas and above all, an intense bluish green! This is Alba, this is Scotland and this maravilla it is due to its humid climate!

Therefore, it is not a country with a very cold climate but it is usual for it to rain often, but lightly, heavy or torrential rains are not usual here as in countries with Mediterranean or warmer climates, rather they are of a "shower" type. or showers as they are called here.

It is said and it can be true depending on the day that in Scotland the four seasons of the year occur in a day and if the sun can rise, be cloudy, rain, cool and other times of the day more temperate, this is given to its situation on the globe. It is also true that it does not have a climate as cold as it corresponds to its latitude so far north since temperate air currents arrive from, yes, incredible as it may seem from the Gulf of Mexico!

What is true is that the light here is clean and precious for photographs, you can photograph the same place on different days and depending on the light that there is, they look like photographs taken from completely different places.  It is also true that the sky is usually cloudy, whether it rains or not, but the landscapes and towns are as authentic with cloudy light as they are wonderful with direct sun.



Layers, you have to dress in layers. In a small suitcase since we are going to move a lot, it is necessary to bring at least two sets of clothes of the following characteristics:

  • T-shirt or undergarment.
  • Jersey or fleece.
  • Waterproof or waterproof coat or jacket; jacket (just in case).
  • Trousers with teflon compound or prepared for light rain.
  • Mountain boots or semi waterproof and comfortable boots. To walk in the grass.
  • A set of casual clothes if you want for one of the dinners.

As you can see, this is the secret to be comfortable in Scotland, especially prepared for light rains. Throughout the day you will take off and put on some of these garments.


Although everything is included in the price of our programs, for your lunch or purchases and personal expenses the most appropriate option is to pay with your bank card, make sure that it is configured to pay in Scotland. It is always advisable to bring alunas Pound sterling in cash, as it is the currency used in Scotland. We recommend paying here with your card or withdrawing money from ATMs and banks in Scotland, this second option will carry some type of commission depending on your bank.

When you return to your country, keep in mind that Scottish Pounds are different from English Pounds and that when you return to your city, not all banks accept the Scottish Pound to exchange it for your currency, but here they circulate and both are allowed.


Unless otherwise indicated, it is allowed to bring one cabin or medium-size suitcase per person, it is more than enough. Our Tours have unparalleled content and we will visit many places during our programs throughout which we will have to move with our suitcases. Bear in mind that to increase the quality of our services and attention, we generally travel in small groups and in vehicles or minibuses, so we must take into account the space reserved for suitcases and the legal safety and weight regulations.

It is also recommended to bring a backpack or handbag type that can be incorporated in most airplanes. This bag or backpack will serve us to carry some garment, some food or whatever we may need during the day to travel comfortably.


It is important and essential today for people who travel to any part of the world to have and come with their travel and medical insurance, these insurances are very cheap. There is also another type of insurance that you may want to take out depending on your personal situation. Any insurance office in your locality will be able to inform you comfortably about them. If you need any specific information, do not hesitate to contact us. It is also highly recommended that you take out your own cancellation insurance in case any unforeseen event should happen to you at the last minute, this will provide you with greater peace of mind before you are already at your destination.


If humor It is very important to come prepared to have a good time, it is going to be your vacation and you should be happy. Any type of weather that you may encounter, any setback outside of us or any other situation viewed with humor and desire to enjoy can become a funny anecdote that you laugh at and remind you of pleasant moments when you tell it later and share it with your loved ones.

So if you have read all these indications, don't wait any longer, you are more than ready to come and enjoy Scotland with us, with ScotlandTrips.InternationalIt will be a wonderful experience that you will never want to forget and that you will keep inside yourself forever! We are waiting!