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Scottish Border Tour "Between the Walls"

Tour - Cultural and fun vacation for the whole family, group or making new friends!

Optional Dinners and Airport Transfers

500 Miles / 805 Km
All year!

We will discover in this magnificent and historical Tour, the beautiful Scottish Borders and Lowlands as well as the entire Glasgow and Edinburgh area. This wonderful and idyllic country called Scotland or Alba on his tongue Gaelic original is known as a movie country, cataloged by different publications as one of the most precious countries in the world.

In this spectacular Tour of both winter and summer season, we are going to visit the Scottish Borders Mainly, this is how the area of ​​the lowlands that borders Scotland with England is called. We are even going to go beyond this limit to visit some of the beautiful areas that delimit these two countries and visit some remains of the famous and ancient Hadrian's Wall in addition to locations from the famous film saga "Harry Potter".

Our spectacular Tour will take place between the two famous and historical Roman walls that delimited the Lowlands or Lowlands to defend themselves from attacks Picts Scots whom they did not manage to defeat, dominate or conquer further north towards the Highlands or Highlands, thus having to remain the Roman legions in England or "Britannia" called at that time and withdraw from Scotland.

You will of course know the most visited and demanded places in this entire area of ​​Scotland and at the end of this amazing 5-day tour you will feel like one more Scottish and you will be forever in love with it. wonderful land, its culture and customs.

Our prices are always all-inclusive, with no extra outlay.