Scotland Trips International

Scotland Vacation Tour; Edinburgh base! - 7 days.

A full week of Relaxation based in Edinburgh and visiting the most iconic and wonderful places in Scotland!


660 Miles / 1063 Km

All year!

Welcome to stunning Edinburgh and beautiful Scotland. Through this relaxed program of Holidays and Tour based in the capital of Alba-Scotland World Heritage Site, you are going to enjoy for 7 days and 7 nights, the beautiful and bucolic Scotland and this architectural and historical jewel that is Edinburgh and that offers, among other things, the most important set of buildings of Gothic, Gregorian and Victorian styles and imposing of all Europe and therefore of the world, with its fortress presiding and guarding the entire city. In addition to the Edinburgh Tour in which we will show you the most important points and activities of this city of which there are records of human settlements for more than 7000 years, we will take you on alternate days to the essential places to visit in this beautiful paradise native of the Pictos Celtic peoples, where the odd Roman legion mysteriously disappeared. Therefore, through this excellent program, you can enjoy your days and free moments in the city and know at the same time; Glasgow, St Andrews, Inverness the capital of the Highlands or Highlands, the mysterious Loch Ness, the Caledonian Canal or the two great National Parks among other beautiful and historic places. If you have also chosen to enjoy this week during the month of August in which the Edinburgh festivities and its international festival are celebrated "The Fringe”, You will live a super cozy atmosphere with people coming from anywhere in the world! All this returning the days of Tour to your apartment in the capital, where you will have all your comforts to live a life as if you were in your own home but in another world, in another fantastic world stopped in a magical time that will catch you ………!

For the whole family, group or make new friends

Our prices are always all-inclusive, with no extra outlay..

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