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Scottish Whiskey Route Tour

The most famous and romantic distilleries of the best whiskey, the "Scotch", in the beautiful country where it was born!

Distilleries to visit and taste: Chivas Regal – Cardhu – Blair Athol – Royal Lochnagar!

Optional Dinners and Airport Transfers

505 Miles / 815 Km
April to October

UISGE-BEATHA (Whiskey) & ALBA (Scotland) are all one! Whiskey is the national drink of Scotland and it is logical since it is the country that saw it born or at least one of the first known where this drink began to be produced. Already the ancient Celts, the Picts in Scotland, produced it since they were experts in the distillation of barley and rye and it was great for them in the cold Scottish months to warm up, they had such a devotion to whiskey that they called it “The Water of Life” UISGE-BEATHA in Scottish Gaelic. As much devotion is had here in Scotland to the Whiskey as finances and employment produces for the country that at the moment more than 100 distilleries in Scotland and the number is currently increasing. The best and recognized brands in the world are of course produced here in Scotland, to name a couple of them: “Chivas Regal” and “Cardhu”, Well, if you are a whiskey lover you are with us in the right country: Scotland! One of the countries, rather, elected in 2017 the most beautiful and bucolic country in the world. What are you waiting for? Come on! We are going to take you to these beautiful and great distilleries at the same time that we will enjoy the most famous treasures and views of the country!

For lovers of Scotch and its country of origin: Scotland!

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