Scotland Trips International

Terms of Sale

  • In this writing the company "Trips Scotland Limited" with trademark or trade name is referred to and referred to by "TSL": "ScotlandTrips International".
  • It is the customer's responsibility to obtain a copy of these conditions of sale. The current ones will be applied at the time of booking.
  • A photocopy of the client's ID or Passport is necessary when making the reservation. The members of "TSL" have the right to request the customer their Identity Document and ticket or ticket in case of issuance, as security and thus avoiding possible fraud for both parties.
  • The contracting of the services of "TSL" is carried out from the moment of receipt of the client's payment, with "TSL" having a period of up to 15 days before the start date, for the confirmation of accommodation and external services to the client if required.
  • Free change of dates by requesting it by email up to 15 days before the start for services up to 3 days in duration and up to 30 days before for services from 4 days in duration and for 1 year.
  • In the case of cancellations by the client before 60 days from the start, the total amount paid will be refunded within 30 days from the request by email, except for 10% of the total price of the services contracted with our company. . "Trips Scotland Limited" will be the beneficiary of this amount for work, administrative expenses and hours of dedicated attention, as well as for any other concept related to our services.
  • In case of cancellations by the client from 60 to 16 days before the start of our services or Tours up to 3 days in duration and from 60 to 30 days for our services or Tours from 4 days in duration, it will be reimbursed within a period of 30 days from the request by email, the amount paid except the amount corresponding to the reservation. "Trips Scotland Limited" will be the beneficiary of this amount for work, administrative expenses and hours of dedicated attention, as well as for any other concept related to our services. 
  • Cancellations or compensations for cancellations of the client are not allowed in the last 15 days before the beginning of our services or Tours from 1 to 3 days or in the last 30 days before the beginning of our services or Tours from 4 days of duration, not having "Trips Scotland Limited" to pay, reimburse or pay in or for any type of concept any or no amount to the client or other parties, leaving any type of charge for "TSL" for work performed, administrative and management expenses, attention or possible hires. 
  • In the case of not appearing the client and not having requested its cancellation in a timely manner in writing:, there will be no type of refund or refund by our company "TSL".
  • All communications and cancellation requests by the client must be made in writing to:
  • "Trips Scotland Limited" with the name or trademark of "ScotlandTrips International" reserves the right to change or modify the itineraries, accommodation, places or vehicles, for reasons of availability, professional criteria, forces majeure, weather, works, accidents, convenience of the safety of people or reasons beyond our company, as possible and at the discretion of "TSL" for itineraries, accommodation or vehicles of similar characteristics or value to those hired. Likewise, "TSL" reserves the rights to update the conditions of sale or modify prices, being applicable to the purchase or contracting of the client those in force on our website: www.ScotlandTrips.International, at the time of payment of the reservation and reception by our company:. It is the responsibility of the customer or payer to read and make a copy of the conditions of sale or request it from us at the following email address:
  • "Trips Scotland Limited" has the right to change the advertising, texts, conditions of sale and concepts in any type of support and medium on any product or sales service.
  • In the event of partial cancellations by “Trips Scotland Limited”, the client will be entitled to a refund of the corresponding amount within 30 days from the cancellation. In the case of cancellations by third parties, the company "TSL" will not be responsible for any refund, payment or compensation, and the client must claim directly from the third party if he considers it so. In the case of total cancellations by "TSL", the client will have the right to a refund of the corresponding amount paid within 60 days from the cancellation.
  • In the event of partial or total cancellations by third parties or parties unrelated to "Trips Scotland Limited" this company will not have to pay, pay or indemnify any amount to any party, the client owing if he considers it, to claim against whoever deems appropriate and in no case against "TSL".
  • "Trips Scotland Limited" is not responsible for partial or total cancellations due to weather conditions, works, flights or major cause conditions or their consequences and is not obliged to pay or credit any amount to any party.
  • We recommend that the client take out their travel insurance to avoid possible losses due to incidents or accidents.
  • The client accepts the advertising use of their texts, words or photographs by "TSL" for and on our services or products.
  • The minimum number of people for the start of a Tour is 3 people, if 15 days before this number is not reached, "Trips Scotland Limited" reserves the right to offer the client another Tour or similar service subject to availability and under our professional judgment or cancel the Tour, only in this case reimbursing the amount paid by the client within 60 days from the communication by email.
  • The minimum age accepted to attend and enjoy our Tours is 5 years old, in particular or exceptional cases it will be specified in an additional document signed by the client. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. TSL services are designed and thought for people from 18 years old and self-sufficient.
  • “Trips Scotland Limited” with the trademark “ScotlandTrips International”, does not take charge of any service that has not been contracted, paid for by the client and provided directly with, and by our company and is exempt from any type of responsibility regarding these third-party services, the client having to resolve them directly with the people or companies that have hired, paid or bought them.
  • In the event of a claim by the client, he must notify our company in writing by email within a maximum period of 7 days after the end of the Tour, otherwise and after this period he loses and rejects the right to any claim. The deadline for our company to respond by email is 30 days from the date of the client's claim, during this period the client agrees not to resort to any other instance, forum or public exhibition. If there is no agreement or possible solution, the client has the possibility of submitting the matter only to and in the competent instances or courts in the city of Edinburgh (Scotland), where this company is registered.
  • All possible total or partial cancellations by both the client and "TSL" will be made and will only be valid in writing by email, not using the word or other means or methods.
  • The acceptance of these conditions of sale and / as a binding contract by both parties, is effective from the moment the client or whoever pays, makes the reservation payment and "Trips Scotland Limited" receives it. The receipt by "TSL" of the reservation payment is considered the acceptance of this contract and a de facto contract.
  • TSL is a direct Tour Operator company, so the services included in this activity do not include the insurance service. We recommend that you contact your usual insurance company and take out travel insurance (mandatory and around € 30) and cancellation insurance for unforeseen events that may happen to you. The amounts are really very cheap and it is recommended for your peace of mind.


  • Additional note regarding COV-19: At ScotlandTrips International we follow the recommendations of the Scottish Government and the applicable governments in each of the countries where our Tours take place. We advise tranquility for a situation that will pass soon and that must be managed from the serenity on the part of all. From our company and although it is a force majeure reason beyond our control, we responsibly offer the following facilities and assistance while this situation lasts and for your peace of mind: 
      • DO NOT TAKE RISKS: GUARANTEE Change dates free for all our Tours. Change request minimum 31 days before the start, enjoy them on any date within 1 year from the start date. 
      • You can also request a credit for the amount paid to apply it to any of our Tours within a year.
      • Don't miss out on your vacation; reserve from just the payment of the same and 3 installments WITHOUT interest.
      • En Scotland Trips International We put all the effort and invest many hours of work in each and every one of our Tours that do not begin at the moment of the start date, but the moment you contact us. From this moment we get to work to offer you the best possible experience, not skimping on accommodation or activities and reservations for you. For this reason STI reserves the right to request amounts already invested in your initial tour.
      • If your Tour with us has been contracted through a travel agency or third parties, you should contact them since they are your clients and they must offer you a solution. If you have contracted travel insurance, contact your insurer.
      • People with Covid will not be able to travel in any of our services and if they appear to be during the journey, they must leave the trip in the nearest city to protect the rest of the components of the trip. We recommend independently hiring our company for insurance with Covid coverage. If the request for change of dates or cancellation is not made before the deadlines indicated above, before 31 days before our services and in writing to our email:, the cancellation deadlines apply, there is no refund of amounts possible after 31 days before the services. 
      • En Scotland Trips International We put all the effort and resources to help and receive them.