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Precious moment of your life, perhaps the most important or one of the most important in your long and precious story that you will write and remember through moments like this. What better way to photograph and remember it than to enjoy it in an idyllic and bucolic landscape.

Whatever your preference and especially in romantic Scotland, we have the ideal place for you and yours. In a unique environment and with all the feeling that surrounds you being in the magical landscape that we will select for you, you will feel like the protagonists of the movie of your lives.

In addition to all this that we offer you, as is customary in our company, you will not have to worry about anything. We take care of organizing  and hire everything for you and after your wedding there is nothing like a romantic honeymoon trip through wonderful Scotland or sunny Spain if you prefer. You will wake up the next day with the person you love by your side and we will take you to see incredibly wonderful and authentic landscapes and cultures.

These are some of the services we offer you for those magical days in your lives:

  • Accommodations.
  • Ceremony or banquet in romantic Scottish castles and lakes.
  • Photographers.
  • Honeymoon Tour.
  • Hiring all the services you need.

But this is not all; If you decide to enjoy this wonderful moment of your life with us in romantic Scotland, we offer you the possibility to do it in the most romantic place and celebrate to get married in the whole of the United Kingdom! We are not going to reveal its name here yet, it is one of our most beloved places. Hundreds of weddings are held here every year, since in the 12th century all underage couples who wanted to marry without their parents' consent escaped to this tiny Scottish village. Given the influx of pilgrim couples to this romantic place, a specific errand line was soon created from London to this beautiful Scottish town where English marriage laws did not apply and couples could marry from 14 years of age in the case of women and men from XNUMX. Thus it became a worldwide pilgrimage village for weddings to this day. Do you want to get married here? Done, we organize it for you.

We are waiting for you, let us take you by the hand so that you only have to enjoy. Ask us.


Whatever your illusion or need, contact us, we offer and manage all the services you need to enjoy that desired family or social gathering from different parts of the world and spend some great vacation days together. 

Banquets, accommodations, rooms, gazebos, vacation homes, cruises, tours ... .. we are at your disposal.