Scotland Trips International

Habitual Accommodations

The accommodations that we select for all our Tours programs meet certain special characteristics and of course go through our strict quality selection filter to ensure a comfortable rest and dinner every night!

In this section we have to highlight as you well know, that the sooner and longer you book your holidays with us, the better and more spectacular accommodations you will get (tourist supply - demand).

At ScotlandTrips Internatioal we select accommodations impregnated with their own style and typical of the country, already common for our company and which year after year have shown their good work and service for the people who travel with our company (whenever possible in the destination and dates ).

In the case of Scotland in particular, we rest in hotels, palaces, B&B with the purest Scottish style; its woven carpets in a Scottish skirt style tartan, curtains, decorations, old buildings, etc., are true pleasures to rest with charm and always en suite with a private bathroom of 3 and 4 stars of the country.

All breakfasts and dinners during our Tour are included, the Scottish breakfasts being spectacular and super complete.

We also offer you the possibility of booking luxury and 5-star accommodations. Although the wonderful selection with which we usually work is more than comfortable and welcoming, you have the option with the appropriate supplement that we stay in true 5-star luxury hotels whenever they are available on the route.

Another service and option that we offer with the highest quality for your vacations, are stays for weeks or days in Castles, lodges and beautiful cabins on the shore of lakes, with water activities and specific tour days of your choice and in a private way .

For more information about these services visit our section "Charming accommodations"

Rest assured that you will have a pleasant and comfortable rest with our company.