ScotlandTrips International

Agencies and collaborators

Welcome!. If you are part of or are a travel agency, Tour Operator, association, school, etc. or you are interested in commercially collaborating with our company, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will study the best way to work together to give the best service to your clients, above all because it is our policy and mutual business benefit. We offer the usual commissions in the market for agencies and other collaborators, contact us:

Reasons to choose a quality ScotlandTrips International Tour Operator.

These reasons, as you are going to see, are weighty and together they will give you the great image of responsibility, dedication and better doing that guides our company and those of us who work in it:

  • Above all dedication to the people who travel and hire their vacations with us.
  • Quality and service before price.
  • Variety of countries and authentic destinations where we operate: Scotland (mainly), Spain and the Faroe Islands and others to come.
  • Possibility of Multi-country Tour program: we offer continuous tours in all the countries we work with.
  • International business approach.
  • The best, most complete and varied contents per day and program to give the client the most complete and satisfactory image possible of the country or place they visit with us.
  • Closed prices with everything included; accommodations, attractions and activities, great breakfasts and dinners. We are the only or one of the few final operators that concentrates all the services in our closed prices, thus avoiding any extra outlay and management by the client who comes to forget about worries and enjoy their holidays.
  • Experienced guides with great professionalism and locals at the destination.
  • Customer care at destination from arrival to departure if requested. (included in most of our programs)
  • Tours and vacation programs from 1 to 16 days.
  • Great variety of content and thematic diversity of programs.
  • Groups or private trips.
  • Guaranteed departures from two people. (individual custom possibility)
  • Join or join our departure groups.
  • Special policies for families and children.
  • Possibility of tours or luxury services.
  • Relaxing holiday programs in castles, charming accommodations and specific tours or activities on these days.
  • Possibility of departure or collection in other cities or points.
  • Extreme knowledge of the places we operate: we are local guides.
  • Integration of travelers in the culture and country we visit.
  • Open and flexible to proposals or external programs on your part or personalized.