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Adventure Tour in the Faroe Islands

One of the most spectacular and remote archipelagos on earth in its purest state!

Airport transfers included

160 Miles / 260 Km
May to August

Adventure and trekking in the beautiful Faroe Islands: In this incredible and active 7-day tour we will discover all the natural beauty of the wild and remote Faroe Islands. Consolidating itself as one of the most beautiful natural landscapes, it is well worth exploring them through this beautiful Tour and Vacation program at the same time, as its wonderful landscapes invite us to do a bit of trekking and exercise. We must bear in mind that it is one of the most remote islands on earth and this makes them privileged in terms of preserving their authenticity and in turn, they make with their orography and location of this, one of the Tours and more authentic programs while conditioning their development to adaptation to the environment.

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, located in the North between Scotland, Iceland and Norway and made up of eighteen mountainous islands, emerges the wonderful archipelago of the Faroe Islands! Its name translated from the local language, Faroese, is called “The Sheep Islands”.

These impressive islands taken from another time, have remained almost inaccessible until relatively not many years ago and only promoted by intrepid travelers who ventured to enjoy their vacations in the same calls for the mystical and mysteriousness of their remote location. So let's go on this wonderful 7-day tour taken from a dream to enjoy all its jewels and characteristics; rain and sun, exceptionally fresh and pure air, the force of the mighty Atlantic Ocean, the countless Puffins, the enormous and impressive cliffs, the intense green of its grass, the huts with grass on its roofs, the colorful and small fishing villages, the traditional Viking-style wooden boats and the friendly Faroese population, make up this remote and remote natural paradise that is offered to us and of which we will be part for a few days or perhaps, who knows, if throughout our lives since it really traps lovers of nature in its purest form.

Nowhere else in the world than on the island of Mykines do you feel so much the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean and the curvature of the blue planet. Come, we are going to make you enjoy and show you the original culture and language of this wonderful and remote archipelago as well as the traditions of the Faroese who enjoy the permanent northern light! Come live this dream with us !!

Recommended tour for active people between 18 and 65 years old

Our prices are always all-inclusive, with no extra outlay.

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