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Welcome to the Faroe Islands: located in the North Atlantic between Scotland, Norway and Iceland is the archipelago of the magnificent Faroe Islands or Sheep Islands in Spanish. Beautiful islands unaltered in time and practically virgin. Only around 50.000 people live on the 18 islands that make up this incredible and wonderful archipelago and we bring you here!

The highest and most incredible cliffs in Europe are found in the Faroe, practically virgin islands in which its magnificent landscapes, authentic folklore and customs are attracting more visitors every year and it is not for less Some of the islands communicate with others through an underwater network of tunnels. Lakes high above the sea, lighthouses at the end of the world, green mountains formed by ancient extinct volcanoes, friendly puffins that live happily on these islands, friendly sheep here and there, small villages with colorful houses and grass roofs, fishermen and picturesque bays, friendly Faroese eager to exchange a few words with any tourist …….

All these details and a few more are what has led us at ScotlandTrips.Intenational to select these natural and remote booming islands as one of our authentic destinations. What are you waiting for? Come, we bring you to the remote Faroe Islands!

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Adventure Tour in
The Faroe Islands

Tour of 7 days + 7 nights + accommodation + breakfasts and dinners +
 airport transfers included.

260 km         7 days

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