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ScotlandTrips International
ScotlandTrips International
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Welcome to ScotlandTrips International; company Quality direct tour operator, based and specialized in the beautiful Celtic land of the Picts Alba-Scotland and other authentic destinations. Company with many years of experience and made up of great professionals experts in the destinations we offer, mainly Scotland, since that is where it is founded and has a preferential place in our hearts.

We work in Spanish & English, other languages ​​upon request.

We also offer you our services DMC in destinations to: weddings, events, conferences, reports, etc.. Check the section "More services".

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Private and Group Tours and Vacations from 2 people on the Dates you want under availability. 



At ScotlandTrips InternationalWe want to offer you all our support and collaboration so that you can enjoy your holidays with us.

• RISK-FREE RESERVATIONS: from just the payment of the reservation and the rest until 30 days before the start. 

• FREE CHANGE OF DATES: up to 15 days before the start and for 1 year.

• PAYMENT FACILITIES: bank transfer or card. Various payment terms or monthly payments without interest.

• CREDIT WITH US: You can use the money paid as a credit for yourself or others in any of our Tours for a year.

<br>• VACATION SAVINGS ACCOUNT: Enter the amount you want each month and use it whenever you want in any of our services.

For more information visit the "Updates" section below and "Information" in the top menu, thank you.

Looking forward to taking care of you and yours!

BOOK OR CHOOSE YOUR TOUR AND PAYMENT OPTIONS directly: ON HERE!  or choose it from the top menu.

For card payments select your Tour and proceed from the tab "RESERVE" on the side of our website. Send us an email with the payment terms you prefer, at your choice!

New reservations NOW!. Do not lose your place, the accommodations will be sold out soon.

We conduct Tours & Vacation Programs last minute depending on availability; ask us, but to avoid disappointment we advise you to book with an average period of 2 or 3 months in advancen, Thank you so much!.

Scotland specifically, it is the country voted in 2017 most beautiful in the world by users and readers of the world famous Travel Guide: "Rough Guides". It is more than justified by its natural beauty and by what famous film directors such as Steven Spielberg They select this wonderful country among others to film the exteriors of their wonderful films. Landscapes that we will show you and you will live with us of course.

To always opt for the  the best  squares, services in all areas and Hotels or B&B of our exquisite selection habitual We advise making the reservation payment with the following terms in advance:

SCOTLAND: from one year to a minimum of 3 months if it is in order to enjoy your vacation or Tour in July, August. A minimum of 2 months for any other time of the year.

ISLAND OF SKYE (SCOTLAND): Most of our excellent 3-day programs include the exploration and visit to a greater or lesser extent of the famous and bucolic wonder of nature Isle of Skye in which we are experts. As in Scotland in general, Skye even more so, does not have enough quality accommodation or at least meet our criteria to cope with the increasing tourist demand every year. For this reason, for our excellent programs that have the Isle of Skye on their itinerary we recommend a minimum period of 3 months if it is for the months of July and August or 2 months for other times of the year.

SPAIN and OTHER destinations: from one year to a minimum of 3 months if it is for summer or 2 for any other time of the year.

FAROE ISLANDS: from one year to a minimum of 3 months.

However, if the opportunity arises for a last minute trip or vacation; Please contact us, we may have availability and accommodations, do not be left with the doubt: or the phone numbers / WhatsApp that appear in the header of this page.

Our company is operational and working with all the security and hygiene measures indicated by the destination governments and following the relevant restrictions so that you can enjoy all our programs and destinations, mainly Scotland, with all the peace of mind even in a quieter and more peaceful environment. without crowds.

All Tours and 2021 calendar are valid and can be booked at any time. We will gladly advise you at the time of your reservation on the most suitable dates for your needs. The change of dates is free up to 31 days before departure (according to availability)

NEWS NOTE: since ScotlandTrips International we want to convey a message of tranquility and responsibility in reference to the situation of the COVID-19 hopefully happen as soon as possible. We continue working and Our Tours are back on the road for you and yours to enjoy, taking all the precautions advised by the Government and the Scottish Tourism and Health Departments in this case and of all our destinations, providing if necessary gloves, masks and disinfectants to both our teams and customers to enjoy with peace of mind. We advise serenity for a situation that will pass soon and that must be managed responsibly by everyone. From our company and although it is a force majeure reason beyond our control, we offer the following facilities and assistance while this situation lasts for your peace of mind:

      • DON'T TAKE RISKS: GUARANTEE Change dates for all our Tours from the moment of your reservation. Minimum change request up to 15 days before the start.
      • You can also request a CREDIT or for the amount paid to apply it in any of our Tours within a year.
      • PAYMENT FACILITIES; Reserve only with the payment of the same and pay the rest 30 days before the start of your Tour and services or Monthly without interest (request these options in your reservation form) or if you prefer up to 3 installments always without interest.
      • At ScotlandTrips International we put all the effort and invest many hours of work in each and every one of our Tours that do not start from the moment of the start date, but the moment you contact us. From this very moment we get to work to offer you the best possible experience, not skimping on accommodation or activities and reservations for you. For this reason STI reserves the right to request amounts already invested in the initial tour.
      • If you have contracted the Tour through a travel agency or third parties, you should contact them since you are their client and they must offer you a solution. If you have contracted travel insurance, contact your insurer.
      • At ScotlandTrips International we put all the effort and resources to help and welcome you as soon as possible.
      • Cheer up, we have collaborated with each other, we have to enjoy!

Contact email:


UPDATE: desde ScotlandTrips International we want to transmit a message of calm and responsibility regarding the situation of the COVID-19 that we hope will happen as soon as possible. We will continue working and our Tours will depart again from 1 of June 2021 for your enjoyment, taking the precautions recommended by the Government and Departments of tourism and health in this case of Scotland and all our destinations, providing if it is required gloves, masks and disinfectants both to our teams and clients to enjoy safely. If you have a tour booked with us already and starting until 30 June 2020 but you prefer to change your dates, we offer you the possibility of postponing the same Tour or give you a credit to exchange for any or our Tours. (Dates to choose subject to availability. We could claim amounts already invested by ScotlandTrips International in contracts and expenses of your initial tour). Cheer up, collaborating, this will pass soon!

Tour Outlander Tour - ScotlandTrips International
Come to Scotland with us, come to our Land!


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Movie Tour - Harry Potter Tour - Outlander Tour

Tour of 8 days + 8 nights + accommodation + breakfasts and airport transfer included

April to October

1.545 km         8 days
Tour Outlander Tour - ScotlandTrips International

Come see the wonderful Scotland of Jamie & Claire!

Tour of 4 days + 3 nights + accommodation + breakfast included

All year

894 km         4 days
The Scotch Whiskey Route - ScotlandTrips International - The Scotch Whiskey Route Tour

The most famous distilleries of the best whiskey in the world! Exclusive Tastings!

Tour of 4 days + 3 nights + accommodation + breakfast included

April to October

815 km         4 days
Tours to Mull Island - Tours to Mull Island - ScotlandTrips International

Beautiful and Picturesque Tour through the most bucolic islands

Tour of 5 days + 4 nights + accommodation + breakfasts included

April to August

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Skye Tours - Portree Tours

Recommended Tour! Super complete. Great Itinerary!

Tour of 5 days + 4 nights + accommodation + breakfasts included

April to September

1680 km         5 days
Tours and Excursions in Scotland - Toursporescocia

Top Recommended Tour! Includes Route 500 of the remote North Coast!

Tour of 8 days + 8 nights + accommodation + breakfasts and airport transfer included

April to October

2000 km         8 days
Yuso Monastery, San Millan de la Cogolla, La Rioja, Spain
Cradle of the first writings in Spanish and Basque and of the great Rioja wine!
Intense Tour of 10 days + 9 nights + accommodation + breakfasts and dinners + 5 excellent Riojan meals + airport transfers included

April to October

950 km         10 days
Faroe Islands Tours - Torus to Faroe Islands

Dare yourself! - One of the most remote, least explored and authentic archipelagos in the world!

Tour of 7 days + 7 nights + accommodation + breakfasts and dinners + airport transfers included

May to August

260 km         7 days

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